Enfocal Personalized Video Solution delivers a new era of connection and engagement.

Here, we fuse cutting-edge technology with boundless creativity to redefine the way businesses connect with their audience.

Our commitment to transforming customer experiences is embodied in every aspect of Enfocal.
Hyper-personalized videos become a powerful tool, and where the future of customer engagement is shaped by innovation.


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Spectacular business results

Average Higher CTA Click Rate
Average 12-month ROI
Higher Conversion
Increased Engagement

Unlimited Possibilities

Unleash Limitless Personalization Our platform empowers you to personalize every aspect of your videos, opening the door to endless creative possibilities. Imagine crafting a truly customized experience for each viewer, seamlessly integrating their name, recent transactions, and more. With advanced logic rules, your videos can adapt dynamically, ensuring each viewer receives content tailored specifically to them. Welcome to a new era of personalized storytelling.


Single words, entire sentences, or even entire sections of the video can be dynamic

Visual elements

Captions, graphics, images, animations, charts... Every visual element in the video can be a customizable variable

Actors or AI Avatars

You can use an AI avatar or a recording of a real actor in your project. Their dialogues will dynamically change according to user data

AI Deep Personalized Video

Elevate Customer Engagement with AI-Driven Personalized Video

Harness the power of cutting-edge generative AI with Enfocal’s personalized video service, offering limitless content creation on demand.

With seamless integration of multilingual capabilities, Enfocal expands its reach globally, enhancing the effectiveness of deep personalized video content. Our AI Text-to-Voice feature, combined with a hybrid approach utilizing live actors and AI elements, enables scalable campaigns and accommodates unlimited variables with ease.

Interactive elements in the personalized video

Interactive Video

Where your choices shape the narrative. Based on your response, the video seamlessly branches into new directions, offering a personalized journey tailored to your preferences.

Call-To-Action Buttons

Maximize engagement by incorporating multiple Call-To-Action buttons directly within the video. Seamlessly guide viewers to specific websites or actions, enhancing interactivity and driving desired outcomes.

Data Collection

Effortlessly gather user data through customizable forms and surveys tailored to each individual. Collect valuable insights while providing a personalized experience for enhanced engagement and interaction.

Dynamic Elements

Effortlessly gather user data through customizable forms and surveys tailored to each individual. Collect valuable insights while providing a personalized experience for enhanced engagement and interaction.

Platform features

Video Generation

Scalable Video Production Our platform is built to scale effortlessly, capable of generating millions of personalized videos daily to meet your demands without compromise.

Real-time or Instant Turnaround Experience the power of real-time video generation or opt for our cost-effective (Within 24-hours) solution, ensuring your personalized videos are ready promptly, empowering you to engage with your audience without delay.

Video Delivery

Multi-channel Distribution:Our personalized videos seamlessly reach your audience through various channels including email, SMS, WhatsApp, integration on client websites, or within mobile apps.


Integration: Personalization Data Transfer Effortlessly transfer data for personalization options either automatically through an API or via CSV or XLSX file uploads using our intuitive SaaS web panel.

Corporate grade Security

Corporate-Grade Security Features:

Ensuring adherence to strict data protection regulations.

Secure Data Display: Display sensitive data without transmitting it to Enfocal, ensuring maximum privacy.

Data Anonymization: Safeguarding user privacy by anonymizing personal information.

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